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Your satisfaction is extremely important to us at Playback Memories. Every effort is made to capture the important events in your life.

Our guarantee is if you are not satisfied with your DVD for any reason we will replace or refund your purchase (upon return of DVD). Contact us at with detailed information about the problem you may be having with your DVD.

Your DVD arrives from us in a protective plastic folder. We recommend safe keeping of the DVD in this folder when it is not in use. Never try to clean the surface of a DVD as it will certainly scratch and cause problems later. Regular cleaning of your "player" with a qualified cleaning disc is a good idea, as dust accumulates on the heads that can cause skipping problems.

If you are having a problem playing your DVD on your player it may be a DVD player compatibility issue. Our DVD's are created by a "duplication" process as opposed to "replication" by which typical movie rental DVD's are created. Older DVD players were originally designed to only play movie rental DVD's. Standardization among manufactures has left much to be desired, some players play nearly everything while others may have problems.

The symptoms are typically the player stating "no disc", "disc is blank" or frequent skipping and freezing. If you have one of these older players then you can opt to play DVD on another player or you can return it for a full refund.

The DVD for the most part is a very reliable media for your collectible videos. However, they are not indestructible. The side opposite the label is where the video is encoded. Scratches, contamination from food or liquid and too many finger prints tend to modify the original quality of the DVD.

To return a video, standard US mail works well. If you have the packaging it came in then the easiest way is to include a note as to why you are returning it then seal it back up. Write "RETURN TO SENDER" on the front of the package and just drop it in your nearest US postal mail box. We maintain a return postal account to cover the shipping of returned packages with the US postal service. This way shipping is covered by us.

To order DVD's just go to our online store and complete your order. It takes approximately 1-3 weeks to receive your order. Depending on the complexity of the event or our schedule, time may vary.


If you have any further questions or concerns you can contact us at:

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